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Why Your Child Should Play With Wooden Toys

Is your baby ready to get a toy?

Parenting is an exciting yet challenging role; you cannot manage to be around your child throughout and play all the roles from being the parent to taking care of the child and to be the child’s playmate.

When they start to sit, hold objects and crawl away, you will be faced with the responsibility to buy a toy for your child. When selecting a toy for your baby you may want to consider buying a wooden toy for your child, this may seem old fashion, but this these types of toys have more advantages compared to the modern toys.
Below are some factors you may take into consideration when you decide to buy your baby a old fashion toys from Australia.

Toys made of wood are safe

example of wood made truck for boysWhen selecting the perfect toy for your little one, the first thing you have to prioritise is the safety of the child. There are so many types of plastic toys in the market they come in different colours and shapes, and they are beautifully wrapped but as a parent, does it ever occur to you that this toys might not be safe for your child?
Some toys are made from highly toxic materials which may cause harm to your child during play when they unknowingly place their toys in the mouth.

However, wood made toys do not carry this risk, they are made from simple wood, and the chances of them having any toxic chemicals are very minimal. You can comfortably pick a wooden toy from the market without worrying about the safety of your child so much.

They are long lasting

Unlike ordinary toys made from plastic, these toys are strong and durable. During play a child is bound to toss the toy from one place to another, they may even bang them against the wall or throw them down. Wooden toys tend to last longer even when handled roughly by the child. The best thing is that when they get any damage, they can easily be repaired, and hence you do not have to worry about replacing it when it gets broken!

These types of toys are environment-friendly

Old fashion toys as they are sometimes called are made of a natural material which is wood, and thus they are friendly to the environment. Plastic toys pose a danger to the environment since they cannot be disposed of without producing chemical emissions into the air however wooden toys even when they are disposed of through burning they do not produce any dangerous emissions. So when you are at a toy store selecting a toy for your child, remember to select a toy that is friendly to the earth.

stacking cubes and bricks

They open the mind of the child to creativity

Toys that are made of wood are not just dull and annoying, but they come in beautiful colours and different textures. For instance, a child playing with wood blocks can boost their creativity in a way that they can build things in a variety of ways and use the same blocks to create various patterns.

As a parent, you would love if your child was creative and able to see the world in their way that they understand best and wooden toys makes the child a creator of his world. These type of toys not only boosts their creativity but also they stretch the young minds to think on a wider scope.

When parenting does not just focus on providing the basics for your child, you need to also pay attention to the items the child uses for play and how they influence the growth and abilities of the child.

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