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The Importance of Educating Today’s Parents

Parenting is becoming more recognized responsibility than it was in olden days back when teaching children basic manners and etiquettes was parents’ utmost concern. Now in an electronic era when the world is progressing towards better living standards and technology is changing day by day parents are somehow finding themselves facing greater challenges to educate themselves about varying developments in the code of ethics of being a parent. It has become essential to educate parents and take responsibility along with schooling system to provide necessary requirements for proper brought up of the child. New research and developments in education, technology, child psychology, human developments, health etc. are always finding a new phase of growth and it is very important for parents to keep up with it. Parents who are well educated on wide aspects of progress in the brought up of their child tend to adopt these methods in bringing up intellectually sharp children.

In past, the communication between parents and teachers were enough to exchange few academic concerns about the child but now both parents and teachers feel the need to discuss and share wide varying concerns. Teachers can authentically not only educate the parents but also shed the light on the concerns of parents and even direct them towards institutes or social groups that focus on educating the parents of today. Parents now have higher concerns about social, emotional and intellectual developments in their children and educating these parents is now the concerns of support groups. It is necessary to educate parents about social and emotional needs of growing children. Parents should abstain from the rigidness of generation gap in order to reach these needs of their child so he/she feels comfortable enough to openly reach their parents in need. However, parents should always keep a keen eye on their children’s more intimate concerns and look for signs of bullying, sexual harassment, or other related social and physiological issues. While it is also important for parents to take part and show interest in hobbies, habits, school subjects of their child. When parents are more learned about these aspects they can show genuine concern for their kids and research has proved that parents who pay attention to their child’s academic performance or even athletic accomplishments without putting much pressure on the child to perform up to higher standards find their child giving much better results.

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