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Take public transport with a pram: our advice!

For the times when you are taking your baby out, there are many essential accessories you can carry on: baby stroller, diaper bag, etc.. What to do when taking public transport with a toddler?

All parents know that taking the bus or subway equipped with these four-wheeled vehicles is part of the obstacle course. And how do you get around big cities with your young children?

Public Transportation: Choose a lightweight stroller!

The principle is as follows, the baby stroller should be light, handy and practical. The principle is to avoid taking a big stroller if you already know that you will have to use public transport. If you have twins for example, it is not worth taking your duet stroller or double stroller. You have to know that getting on and off the subway is not easy physically.

That way, the less crowded you are, the better off you are and you won’t have to bother other passengers. Most often, it is advisable to take a stroller cane, a stroller light cane in particular, as we like to say.

Take someone with you!

When travelling by public transport, it is recommended that you be accompanied. If possible, choose a fit person with no back problems. The fact is that public transportation has not provided the stroller option, so you will need help climbing stairs, walking through subway doors and lifting your stroller whenever the need arises.

On the other hand, if you have no possibility of being assisted, privilege flat shoes so that you are comfortable and able to carry your stroller perfectly.

You have to keep baby busy

Taking public transportation with the stroller is already not pleasant. It will be even less so if your baby starts screaming and crying loudly. That’s why you need to plan some toys for your baby to play with. Don’t forget to take a bottle with you when you go hungry.

When you get on or off the bus and/or subway

It is advisable to use the back doors of the bus to enter. You also have to be very careful, because if the bus doesn’t stop at the right height from the stop, you have to get off the sidewalk before you start lifting the baby stroller.

Similarly, if you take the subway, proceed in the same way. To get out, go out back to the doors and take a good look at the length of the space between the train and the platform.

And you, do you have ideas to facilitate the daily life of the parents in the big cities? What are your techniques and tricks to survive in the “jungle” of public transport? How can accessibility in the métro be improved? In your opinion, is developing childcare provision the right solution? Let us share your point of view in the comments at the bottom of the article!


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