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Single Parents and Children

Parenting is a great challenge and it requires whole lot than just feeding and providing education to your children. For bringing up intellectually healthy and mentally stable children parents need to sacrifice a lot in their life. Until the children are grown enough to provide themselves parents seem to be protective towards their children. Both mother and father come together and share the responsibility of their children which makes them a traditional family. However the world is filled with children who have single parents providing them, single parents can be a single mother, a divorced woman or a man, a single father and so many different cases where parents are not together for a reason. All the responsibilities thus come under a single parent either a single mother or a single father or in some cases and scenarios they equally share the responsibility separately on their own. It gets tough for both the single parent and children when even one of them is not there. Juggling two lives at a time particularly if the single parent is also the sole breadwinner of the family is too exhausting both physically and mentally. Such parents find it impossible to find the time of their own. Such a life makes the parent preoccupied which sometimes causes the children to feel they are missing out actual time to spend with the parent and such children tend to grow up as complex introverts. The single parents have to work to bring home finance to provide the children, he/she has to give enough time and attention to children while taking care of the house chores as well. Although with the high impact of human rights everywhere, there are rights for single parents in most of the countries, hiring help nowadays is also not that difficult. There are agencies that provide trained helpers to single parents while support groups keep a check on the household situation. Sometimes even the organization the single parent is working in provide perks including flexible timings, helpers, finance to hire helpers etc. to their single parent employees. With all of the help of the world, it still seems a whirling world for a single parent.

Being brought up by a single parent isn’t easy for the children as well when it is a single mother of a parent children miss out on the fondness of a father figure and vice versa. A tragic loss of either one of them makes it even more difficult to cope with both the parent and the children. Children brought up by single parents are more prone to risks of chronic depression as in some societies being a parented by single parent make the children victims of taunts and criticism. A child as such gets insecure and grows up to be a complex individual subconsciously. However, as time is progressing the acceptance of broken families with single parents is turning normal; one of the reasons behind this might be the high divorce rate. More people now know the challenges faced by single parents and so people are more empathic towards such families making the world better place for them.

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