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Managing Your Parenting Time

Parenting is a juggling act and you can really feel preoccupied all the time making sure all the basic needs of your kids are fulfilled which slowly makes you a pro at multi-tasking. Parents most often feel difficult in managing their time with the children and that too when they are just providing the basic needs like cleaning, cooking, helping them with homework and putting them to sleep is involved. Parents who also take their children to extra activities like soccer practice or dance classes seem to find life mostly being in a commotion. The world seems to go even more whirling when you are a single parent who has to be in a full-time employment along with managing kids. All of this becomes quite stressful at times and parents feel they might collapse any second now.  This happens because sometimes after fulfilling all of the responsibilities parents find themselves with no time of their own which isn’t too healthy for the human individuality.  Whereas being a parent you feel you have no other choice and your personal interests are somewhere far on the priority list.  Time management tricks are essential for parents to bring about more control in their whirling life so that they can tick boxes of their personal development while managing the kids.

Other scenarios here are when parents that have a career which demands most of their time while they are also concerned to provide time to their children. You have to give enough time to both your work and children. Then there are divorced parents who want to split their time considerably between each other. No matter what category of parenting you fall into, time management is something you must manage perfectly to avoid chaos.

Here are some tips and tricks to tackle time with kids

Plan your routine in advance

Planning a whole week with reminders of important meetings you have to attend to concerning your kids. Make a list of places you have to be present at and things you have to buy, your daily meal plans etc. schedule homework time as well. Make sure you provide enough time between tasks so you can take breaks from time to time.

Say no to multi-tasking

If you think you are saving time while doing more than one task at a time than it is a wrong idea to bring your concern at. Say you are answering an important email while attending your child who is demanding your help with his homework and you think both of these tasks can be managed hand in hand then think again. When you are concerned about attending your kids make sure you give them your undivided attention. So keep that phone away and manage one task at a time.

Fit tasks between minutes

If it might seem impossible to go without multi-tasking than make sure you do the tasks like answering your emails and making phone calls while you are not attending the kids like answering the emails while you are in the toilet.

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