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Drones For Kids – 2017 Buying Guide

What child does not dream of flying a drone?

In 2017, children’s drones are available at affordable prices, and even at a very low price, offering the opportunity for young people (or even adults) to experience the pleasure of flying while learning in a playful way through the technology of modern drones.

The drones are like remote-controlled planes, but with additional features: the most popular ones, have integrated camera, allowing to film any type of activities such as games, sports or even take selfies with breathtaking viewing angles.

Points to consider

There are however a number of points to consider when buying a drone, and the first is safety: drones should only be used under the supervision of an adult. It is also better to fly them outdoors, away from any obstacles.

In addition, the propellers of drones can cause finger and hand injuries, which means caution when handling one. To go further on the risks associated with the use of a drone, it is advisable to read this article on insurance covers specific to drone piloting.

The other important element related to drones concerns the legislation in place. In the US or in Europe, as far as recreational drones are concerned, it is not necessary to have a special license to fly a drone, as long as you do not fly over 150m on average and remain in the field of vision of his pilot.

Also, if your drone is equipped with a camera, it is important to respect the privacy of the people you are filming and to ensure that you have their prior authorization.

How to choose a drone according to the age of the child?

ar drone for teenagersFor a child between 8 and 12 years old the best is to opt for a small toy drone. It is preferable to choose a model with stabilizing gyroscopes (equivalent to stabilizing wheels to learn how to ride a bike), robust and with folding elements to avoid injuries. It is also advisable to have additional batteries.

Teenagers can take control of more advanced drones and additional features such as the ability to go back, sideways, diagonally and upside down. They can also enjoy a drone equipped with a camera.

Thus drones can take an educational role by familiarizing the children with the technology but also by boosting their creativity thanks to the possibility of filming and taking photos. Used with caution, drones thus allow to learn while having fun.

Parents can also enjoy flying drones, making these small technological toys the ideal choice for parents who want to share moments of complicity with their offspring while learning about themes such as aeronautics, Wireless technologies. Fun, learning, time spent with children, education, not staying in front of the tv, outdoor activities … etc. What more can you ask for a new toy? Visit amateurs de drones to know more

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