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Take public transport with a pram: our advice!

For the times when you are taking your baby out, there are many essential accessories you can carry on: baby stroller, diaper bag, etc.. What to do when taking public transport with a toddler? All parents know that taking the bus or subway equipped with these four-wheeled vehicles is part of …

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Drones For Kids – 2017 Buying Guide

a custom made drone

What child does not dream of flying a drone? In 2017, children’s drones are available at affordable prices, and even at a very low price, offering the opportunity for young people (or even adults) to experience the pleasure of flying while learning in a playful way through the technology of …

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Why Your Child Should Play With Wooden Toys

toddler playing with his toys

Is your baby ready to get a toy? Parenting is an exciting yet challenging role; you cannot manage to be around your child throughout and play all the roles from being the parent to taking care of the child and to be the child’s playmate. When they start to sit, …

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Managing Your Parenting Time


Parenting is a juggling act and you can really feel preoccupied all the time making sure all the basic needs of your kids are fulfilled which slowly makes you a pro at multi-tasking. Parents most often feel difficult in managing their time with the children and that too when they …

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Single Parents and Children


Parenting is a great challenge and it requires whole lot than just feeding and providing education to your children. For bringing up intellectually healthy and mentally stable children parents need to sacrifice a lot in their life. Until the children are grown enough to provide themselves parents seem to be …

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