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Stay Healthy When Camping with Kids

When traveling anywhere with your young ones, it’s difficult to maintain the standards of health and cleanliness you maintain at home. You inevitably have to let a few things slip. The important thing is knowing where it’s possible to maintain health while on a camping trip.

Little Emergencies.

family cooking around a bonfireThe first thing to bear in mind when you take a trip away is that you know what to do in an emergency.

Make sure you know what you would do in an emergency. Ensure that you have access to first aid supplies and have any appropriate numbers stored on your phone in case something goes wrong.

No one ever thinks something will go wrong on their holiday, but things do go wrong so be sensible and make sure you know what your options are if an emergency situation arises.


Cleanliness is important for health. Especially so when you are camping in a tent and need to keep cuts and scrapes clean and germ-free. Pack a kit with first aid supplies and antiseptic wipes.


Make sure food is organized ahead of time. When you cook with new equipment or methods, it’s easy to undercook food and get ill. If you’re going to be using a different cooking method on your trip, ensure that you know how to make food that is safe to eat. If you are using gas canisters or camping stoves, read up on the safety aspects before your trip. Always cook in the open and keep tents and children a safe distance away while cooking.


share-a-good-meal-with-your-familyCamping doesn’t have to be about hot dogs and canned pudding. Get creative with you campsite cooking and have some fun whipping up healthy meals. Try and involve local specialties with your meals. Even if you’re not up to harvesting or catching your food, you can find a local farm shop to get some fresh produce from. Also if you buy food fresh, you don’t need to haul those tins and cans around!

You don’t need to drown out all that fresh air and nature with the stench of processed food and char-grilled meats. A camping trip can seriously slim down your middle if you embrace the outdoor life. You’re going to the middle of nowhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of mainstream life, so don’t take some of that with you. Enjoy the change and maybe when you go home some of your healthy habits will stick with you.


Camping provides ample opportunity for embracing the rigors of physical exercise. From setting up camp, trekking or seeking out local sights, it’s all a new way of being. A camping trip can make you feel like you’re reconnecting with being physically active all day long rather than just for exercise. When you have fun all day and get a slim, trim figure to boot, it is inspiring. Make trips and exercise part of your camping trip so you can reboot your health as well as maintain it.