The Importance of Educating Today’s Parents


Parenting is becoming more recognized responsibility than it was in olden days back when teaching children basic manners and etiquettes was parents’ utmost concern. Now in an electronic era when the world is progressing towards better living standards and technology is changing day by day parents are somehow finding themselves facing greater challenges to educate themselves about varying developments in the code of ethics of being a parent. It has become essential to educate parents and take responsibility along with schooling system to provide necessary requirements for proper brought up of the child. New research and developments in education, technology, child psychology, human developments, health etc. are always finding a new phase of growth and it is very important for parents to keep up with it. Parents who are well educated on wide aspects of progress in the brought up of their child tend to adopt these methods in bringing up intellectually sharp children.

In past, the communication between parents and teachers were enough to exchange few academic concerns about the child but now both parents and teachers feel the need to discuss and share wide varying concerns. Teachers can authentically not only educate the parents but also shed the light on the concerns of parents and even direct them towards institutes or social groups that focus on educating the parents of today. Parents now have higher concerns about social, emotional and intellectual developments in their children and educating these parents is now the concerns of support groups. It is necessary to educate parents about social and emotional needs of growing children. Parents should abstain from the rigidness of generation gap in order to reach these needs of their child so he/she feels comfortable enough to openly reach their parents in need. However, parents should always keep a keen eye on their children’s more intimate concerns and look for signs of bullying, sexual harassment, or other related social and physiological issues. While it is also important for parents to take part and show interest in hobbies, habits, school subjects of their child. When parents are more learned about these aspects they can show genuine concern for their kids and research has proved that parents who pay attention to their child’s academic performance or even athletic accomplishments without putting much pressure on the child to perform up to higher standards find their child giving much better results.

Computers and Kids – Between Dangers and Education

computers and macs help with learning

Great computer enthusiasts, children spend more and more time behind a computer screen and this, more and more young.

Does this activity have adverse health effects?

Do computers make children smarter?

Research on the educational benefits of activities on the computer is limited. Playing games on the computer has been linked to improvements to some visual intelligence proper to the use of computer technology. In other words, using a computer makes children better in using a computer.

This is undoubtedly not a surprising finding given that prolonged regular use improves almost any skill.

Researchers have discovered a small but significant link between the use of home computers and an improvement in academic performance. However, there is no authoritative corpus of data that shows that using a computer improves academic performance.

These findings must also be taken into account in the light of studies indicating a possible link between school improvements and some inherently useful activities such as music, art, and sports. Researchers at the University of Toronto found that children who received 36 weeks of piano or singing lessons showed a better increase in IQ and academic performance than did the control group of children who did not receive a course of music.

Computer technologies have the positive benefit of helping children with special needs. Traditional operating systems like Windows are not always child-friendly and parents and schools tend to prefer Macintosh OS for their kids (visit this WordPress Blog).Children who can not participate in traditional education programs due to specific learning disabilities, emotional problems, speech and hearing impairment, blindness, and even severe physical disabilities Have all benefited from the computer.

The dangers of computers

In general, the risks associated with using a computer by children are due to (i) inappropriate activities or (ii) excessive time spent in front of the computer.

Some of the dangers are undeniable. Few people dispute the risks associated with accessing cyber-pedophiles, pornography, and inappropriate content.

Computer games for children are becoming more and more violent. Not surprisingly, children prefer competitive and aggressive games to games that encourage positive social behaviors. Parents are often unaware of the extent of the violence of the games that children play regularly.

In a recent literature review, researchers at Iowa State University have concluded that playing violent games increases child aggression and hostility and desensitizes children to violence. It has been shown that increases in the level of aggression tend to be widespread beyond the context of the game.

Perhaps one of the most important risks associated with overuse of a computer by children is the displacement of other essential and potentially rewarding activities.

Computers are a source of wonder. Internet browsing and computer games distract children from other offline activities, often for extended periods of time. Some researchers suggest that spending excessive time on any activity can hamper a child’s social and educational development.

Cyber-interactions are impoverished compared to actual contacts with friends, family members, teachers, and nature. Communication mainly through the Internet prevents children from living the essential elements of a relationship. The magic of human interaction depends on the presence of the other.
Research into the physical impact of the use of computers by children is still in the early stages. However, researchers predict that children will begin to have the same types of a wrist, back and eye injuries commonly seen in adults using computers.

Preliminary results suggest that prolonged use of computers in children is linked to repeated stress injuries and an increased risk of obesity. Excessive play is associated with a kind of tendinitis. Images that flash rapidly in some video games have caused convulsions in children who have photosensitive epilepsy.

Drones For Kids – 2017 Buying Guide

a custom made drone

What child does not dream of flying a drone?

In 2017, children’s drones are available at affordable prices, and even at a very low price, offering the opportunity for young people (or even adults) to experience the pleasure of flying while learning in a playful way through the technology of modern drones.

The drones are like remote-controlled planes, but with additional features: the most popular ones, have integrated camera, allowing to film any type of activities such as games, sports or even take selfies with breathtaking viewing angles.

Points to consider

There are however a number of points to consider when buying a drone, and the first is safety: drones should only be used under the supervision of an adult. It is also better to fly them outdoors, away from any obstacles.

In addition, the propellers of drones can cause finger and hand injuries, which means caution when handling one. To go further on the risks associated with the use of a drone, it is advisable to read this article on insurance covers specific to drone piloting.

The other important element related to drones concerns the legislation in place. In the US or in Europe, as far as recreational drones are concerned, it is not necessary to have a special license to fly a drone, as long as you do not fly over 150m on average and remain in the field of vision of his pilot.

Also, if your drone is equipped with a camera, it is important to respect the privacy of the people you are filming and to ensure that you have their prior authorization.

How to choose a drone according to the age of the child?

ar drone for teenagersFor a child between 8 and 12 years old the best is to opt for a small toy drone. It is preferable to choose a model with stabilizing gyroscopes (equivalent to stabilizing wheels to learn how to ride a bike), robust and with folding elements to avoid injuries. It is also advisable to have additional batteries.

Teenagers can take control of more advanced drones and additional features such as the ability to go back, sideways, diagonally and upside down. They can also enjoy a drone equipped with a camera.

Thus drones can take an educational role by familiarizing the children with the technology but also by boosting their creativity thanks to the possibility of filming and taking photos. Used with caution, drones thus allow to learn while having fun.

Parents can also enjoy flying drones, making these small technological toys the ideal choice for parents who want to share moments of complicity with their offspring while learning about themes such as aeronautics, Wireless technologies. Fun, learning, time spent with children, education, not staying in front of the tv, outdoor activities … etc. What more can you ask for a new toy? Visit amateurs de drones to know more

Why Your Child Should Play With Wooden Toys

toddler playing with his toys

Is your baby ready to get a toy?

Parenting is an exciting yet challenging role; you cannot manage to be around your child throughout and play all the roles from being the parent to taking care of the child and to be the child’s playmate.

When they start to sit, hold objects and crawl away, you will be faced with the responsibility to buy a toy for your child. When selecting a toy for your baby you may want to consider buying a wooden toy for your child, this may seem old fashion, but this these types of toys have more advantages compared to the modern toys.
Below are some factors you may take into consideration when you decide to buy your baby a old fashion toys from Australia.

Toys made of wood are safe

example of wood made truck for boysWhen selecting the perfect toy for your little one, the first thing you have to prioritise is the safety of the child. There are so many types of plastic toys in the market they come in different colours and shapes, and they are beautifully wrapped but as a parent, does it ever occur to you that this toys might not be safe for your child?
Some toys are made from highly toxic materials which may cause harm to your child during play when they unknowingly place their toys in the mouth.

However, wood made toys do not carry this risk, they are made from simple wood, and the chances of them having any toxic chemicals are very minimal. You can comfortably pick a wooden toy from the market without worrying about the safety of your child so much.

They are long lasting

Unlike ordinary toys made from plastic, these toys are strong and durable. During play a child is bound to toss the toy from one place to another, they may even bang them against the wall or throw them down. Wooden toys tend to last longer even when handled roughly by the child. The best thing is that when they get any damage, they can easily be repaired, and hence you do not have to worry about replacing it when it gets broken!

These types of toys are environment-friendly

Old fashion toys as they are sometimes called are made of a natural material which is wood, and thus they are friendly to the environment. Plastic toys pose a danger to the environment since they cannot be disposed of without producing chemical emissions into the air however wooden toys even when they are disposed of through burning they do not produce any dangerous emissions. So when you are at a toy store selecting a toy for your child, remember to select a toy that is friendly to the earth.

stacking cubes and bricks

They open the mind of the child to creativity

Toys that are made of wood are not just dull and annoying, but they come in beautiful colours and different textures. For instance, a child playing with wood blocks can boost their creativity in a way that they can build things in a variety of ways and use the same blocks to create various patterns.

As a parent, you would love if your child was creative and able to see the world in their way that they understand best and wooden toys makes the child a creator of his world. These type of toys not only boosts their creativity but also they stretch the young minds to think on a wider scope.

When parenting does not just focus on providing the basics for your child, you need to also pay attention to the items the child uses for play and how they influence the growth and abilities of the child.

Managing Your Parenting Time


Parenting is a juggling act and you can really feel preoccupied all the time making sure all the basic needs of your kids are fulfilled which slowly makes you a pro at multi-tasking. Parents most often feel difficult in managing their time with the children and that too when they are just providing the basic needs like cleaning, cooking, helping them with homework and putting them to sleep is involved. Parents who also take their children to extra activities like soccer practice or dance classes seem to find life mostly being in a commotion. The world seems to go even more whirling when you are a single parent who has to be in a full-time employment along with managing kids. All of this becomes quite stressful at times and parents feel they might collapse any second now.  This happens because sometimes after fulfilling all of the responsibilities parents find themselves with no time of their own which isn’t too healthy for the human individuality.  Whereas being a parent you feel you have no other choice and your personal interests are somewhere far on the priority list.  Time management tricks are essential for parents to bring about more control in their whirling life so that they can tick boxes of their personal development while managing the kids.

Other scenarios here are when parents that have a career which demands most of their time while they are also concerned to provide time to their children. You have to give enough time to both your work and children. Then there are divorced parents who want to split their time considerably between each other. No matter what category of parenting you fall into, time management is something you must manage perfectly to avoid chaos.

Here are some tips and tricks to tackle time with kids

Plan your routine in advance

Planning a whole week with reminders of important meetings you have to attend to concerning your kids. Make a list of places you have to be present at and things you have to buy, your daily meal plans etc. schedule homework time as well. Make sure you provide enough time between tasks so you can take breaks from time to time.

Say no to multi-tasking

If you think you are saving time while doing more than one task at a time than it is a wrong idea to bring your concern at. Say you are answering an important email while attending your child who is demanding your help with his homework and you think both of these tasks can be managed hand in hand then think again. When you are concerned about attending your kids make sure you give them your undivided attention. So keep that phone away and manage one task at a time.

Fit tasks between minutes

If it might seem impossible to go without multi-tasking than make sure you do the tasks like answering your emails and making phone calls while you are not attending the kids like answering the emails while you are in the toilet.

Single Parents and Children


Parenting is a great challenge and it requires whole lot than just feeding and providing education to your children. For bringing up intellectually healthy and mentally stable children parents need to sacrifice a lot in their life. Until the children are grown enough to provide themselves parents seem to be protective towards their children. Both mother and father come together and share the responsibility of their children which makes them a traditional family. However the world is filled with children who have single parents providing them, single parents can be a single mother, a divorced woman or a man, a single father and so many different cases where parents are not together for a reason. All the responsibilities thus come under a single parent either a single mother or a single father or in some cases and scenarios they equally share the responsibility separately on their own. It gets tough for both the single parent and children when even one of them is not there. Juggling two lives at a time particularly if the single parent is also the sole breadwinner of the family is too exhausting both physically and mentally. Such parents find it impossible to find the time of their own. Such a life makes the parent preoccupied which sometimes causes the children to feel they are missing out actual time to spend with the parent and such children tend to grow up as complex introverts. The single parents have to work to bring home finance to provide the children, he/she has to give enough time and attention to children while taking care of the house chores as well. Although with the high impact of human rights everywhere, there are rights for single parents in most of the countries, hiring help nowadays is also not that difficult. There are agencies that provide trained helpers to single parents while support groups keep a check on the household situation. Sometimes even the organization the single parent is working in provide perks including flexible timings, helpers, finance to hire helpers etc. to their single parent employees. With all of the help of the world, it still seems a whirling world for a single parent.

Being brought up by a single parent isn’t easy for the children as well when it is a single mother of a parent children miss out on the fondness of a father figure and vice versa. A tragic loss of either one of them makes it even more difficult to cope with both the parent and the children. Children brought up by single parents are more prone to risks of chronic depression as in some societies being a parented by single parent make the children victims of taunts and criticism. A child as such gets insecure and grows up to be a complex individual subconsciously. However, as time is progressing the acceptance of broken families with single parents is turning normal; one of the reasons behind this might be the high divorce rate. More people now know the challenges faced by single parents and so people are more empathic towards such families making the world better place for them.

Homeschooling for kids


Home schooling for kids is getting quite a progressing trend towards better education.  Home schooling is when parents decide not to traditionally send their kids to school but provide them certified legal education from the comfort of their home itself. Parents now prefer home schooling over traditional schooling systems as there is a lot of social and psychological risks involved in sending kids to school commonly bullying and sexual harassment. Some parents are now happy with the same old method of schooling in such an electronic era. Home schooling is already quite successful and popular in countries like Canada, France, UK, and the US. There are few laws and regulations to adhere to depending on the country you are living to provide the certified education to the children from home. There are special satellite schools in each state that provide help in providing curriculum for the kids and other study material.

Well educated Parents are popularly adopting homeschooling for their children they are popularly either stay at home mothers or single parents. Military families who have experienced home schooling for their kids find more stability and constant academic environment for their children. Home schooling doesn’t mean your child is without any social contact or goes without extracurricular activities. There are support groups who take responsibility to take children to field trips and provide sports activities. This allows them to have enough social experiences along with necessary education for home schooled kids. In this progressing technological era, there are so many certified educational apps that make home schooling for parents just a tap away. Home schooling is available until high school graduation and the child receives a certified high school diploma just like graduating in a traditional way. With Home schooling, kids are given more customized education as per their personality and intellect which is something you don’t find in the classrooms. Being so many kids to attend to the teacher in a traditional classroom are not able to focus on each kid to brush the individual skills but home schooling is rather different. Children opting home schooling get varying number of choices on extra activities and number of subjects.

It’s not just the kids but home schooling has also been proved affecting for the parents as well, they feel more attentive towards kids while learning about new study methods themselves. With home schooling it gives parents more control over what they want to teach them, they know what their child is good at and what the weak points are. Home schooling provides firm ground for kids with unique talent. Although every child has it in him something different and unique in its own way and home schooling provides a legal certification to customized education. Believing that home schooled kids are rather outcasts is not so much of a fact, kids that are home schooled tend to be more adjusting and high achieving individuals. They are more focused towards their careers and tend to stick to it more than traditionally schooled children.